Single taken building an empire finding myself

Single taken building an empire finding myself -

What has thrust itself onto the stage of a globalized public sphere since the protests against the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle [1]politically ambiguous [2] yet unmistakable in the potpourri of forms of expressions, represents a practice of dealing with these kinds of questions.

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What happens behind the scenes of the colorful video images of protest, which, in fact, largely still adhere to thoroughly traditional patterns in terms of form, mode of production and discourse? What is going on in the virtual and physical workshop spaces of the globally networked single taken building an empire finding myself Can they still be clearly distinguished, how do they merge? How is the understanding of space and communication changing within the relatively small, relatively privileged [4] group of those active in alternative media with the rapid appropriation of information technology?

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Within the European noborder network [5] and Indymedia UK [6]I experience virtual and physical spaces almost as a single space of communication, in which the boundaries between "real" and "virtual" space increasingly blur. This expansion of the communication space could perhaps even show possibilities of "where do we go from here" to practices of the production of self and the public sphere, of political organization and network formation.

single taken building an empire finding myself

This incipient practice is to be described using the examples of the border camp in Strasbourg [7] and the protests at the G8 summit in Evian June I took part in the former on site, in the latter from my desk. Border Camp in Strasbourg With an unerring sense for symbolically significant "real" places as a stage, Strasbourg was chosen for a border camp in The city relates in bekanntschaften wiedersehen ways to the themes of the European noborder network: the geographical location at a border demonstrating the arbitrariness of the demarcation of national borders, Strasbourg's role as European capital, but most of all the spatial proximity to the Schengen Information System SIS [8] brought together central discourses of the noborder network.

Under the label dsec — Database System to Enforce Control — a small initiative addressed conjunctions of the control of borders in physical and virtual space before the border camp started.

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Artists and techies were specifically invited to deal practically and theoretically with "free movement and free communication". Various Indymedia pages were updated here, audio and film material was edited and broadcast via web stream and pirate radio, people were scanning, printing, photocopying, programming and mailing.

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A powerful DSL dedicated line provided a connection to the Internet, people with laptops could log in via a wireless connection — often with borrowed network cards. The Dutch group Ascii had set up dozens of terminals in a dark yurt.

single taken building an empire finding myself

A camp radio was produced in a confusion of cables, plugs, amplifiers, microphones, PCs and laptops in a rented party tent set up together.

Here at the start of the promenade leading through the entire grounds, the double-decker bus of the PublixTheatreCaravan from Vienna parked every evening too, a friendly snack bar for the evenings, stage, playground, meeting point, cinema, action workshop, gallery and sound system, but also a media center with four computers, on which texts were permanently being written, images uploaded, radio programs edited and broadcast.

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The "infopoint" in the entrance area exploded just like the "action tent" in a confusion of rolls of paper covered with felt pens, in a way that could hardly be coped with; the internal radio broadcast was either ignored or did not provide the right information. Countless groups with corresponding approaches, such as the people from deportation class, s iberia, or kanak attak, mib or yo mango, found themselves in the same grounds, but without the internal publicity that would have allowed them to make contact with one another.

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Loss of Friction How could it be that specifically at a gathering of activists with above-average communication skills, the communication didn't work?

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