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Cristina kali Ausgezeichnet They are amazing hosts and so very welcoming. There is lots to do on their small farm. They have chickens for sale, 4 dogs and many puppies, many cats, small canary birds they breed for single door pig feeder, guinea pigs, a gangster rooster named Carmelo, and much more!

  1. Das Gebäude befindet sich neben einem Haus.
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My job was to repair and … read more stain a small fence in the front lawn. I had freedom to work when I wanted - I had 3 days to finish my project before leaving - and took many coffee breaks with Cristina. She has traveled all over and is very open to talking about her experiences and the culture here. Previous to moving to Tunisia she owned an Italian restaurant.

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She is an amazing cook! My last night she taught me how to make her favorite Tunisian dish, brik!

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I am so very grateful for my time spent here. The village is very social and everyone is incredibly friendly. Thank you very much for my warm welcome. I hope to see jacob de lichtenberg dating both again!

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Dieses Workawayer Profil wurde auf privat gestellt. Andere Workawayer können jedoch mit Bezug auf diese Bewertung Kontakt aufnehmen. Ausgezeichnet The house has an atmosphere of kindness and Cristina is an open-minded, warm-hearted person.

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I really enjoyed our interesting conversations, and Cristina very kindly agreed that we could speak in Italian, which was … read more great for me. I enjoyed the work I did mainly gardeningas there was not much livestock while I was visiting.

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Cristina is a knowledgeable gardener and she passed on single door pig feeder useful gardening knowledge. One of my reasons for visiting Tunisia was to meet Tunisians and learn about life in this region of the country, as a very close friend is from this area and I wanted to know more about where he is from.

I was able to do this while staying here; Single door pig feeder met lots of people especially the neighbours, who were especially friendly and welcoming to me. I ate lots of good Tunisian food also Cristina worked hard to cook me a lot of delicious Italian food. I also had the chance to visit the nearest big town, and I feel I had a bit of an insight into daily life here.

It is also a great place to practice Tunisian Arabic.

Last but not least, there are two friendly dogs, who were very good company : I hope that I can soon accept Cristina's invitation to return. Du kannst nur Workawayer mit aktiver Mitgliedschaft kontaktieren.

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I hope she can come back to see un single door pig feeder soon Unfortunately we did not meet Partnervermittlung dienstvertrag -we knew from before we arrived that she would be away- but we communicated by messages and she was always very kind.

Halifa was an excellent host, easygoing, friendly and funny. Sidi Medien is a small town where you can clearly see the daily life of … read more Tunisians in the interior, their religious customs, food, their clothes and, above all, the kindness and friendliness that we lived in a month in Tunis.

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The house is comfortable. We had our own room. There are two bathrooms and a well equipped kitchen.

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Many domestic animals donkey, dogs, cats, chickens, turtles, rabbits and sheep that are well cared for. Working in the chicken's hatchery was interesting to learn and know.

Halifa was always willing to explain what we asked.

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The work was never very hard. Since our arrival, we were informed of the work that was in progress and what they wanted to do, and the slogan was "you choose a task to do and when you get tired, change or rest". They were also open to new proposals.

Description Die Erfindung betrifft eine Stalleinrichtung, insbesondere zur Produktion von Hühnereiern in Bodenhaltung.

Definitely: we recommend the experience. Try to meet and share with their neighbor, "the teacher" to learn about Islam and traditional culture Du kannst nur Workawayer mit aktiver Mitgliedschaft kontaktieren.

single door pig feeder

Khalifa and Cristina are very kind and generous hosts with a good single door pig feeder of humor and lots of patience. Sehr gut.

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