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When you think all-American car, you think Chevy.

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In fact, to every American, Chevrolet represents the pride of the U. S automobile industry: 90 years of solid car making from the American people to the American people with such recognizable models as the Corvette and the Camaro.

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But what very few oscar dela hoya single know from this legendary car-maker is the extraordinary man behind the name: Swiss born Louis Chevrolet. Second oldest brother in a line of five children, Louis was the son of a traditional watchmaker who struggled to make ends meet in the midst of an economical recession in the 's.

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His family eventually moved to France to live in a small town in Bourgogne where his father hoped single selbsthilfegruppen little Louis would carry-on the tradition of watch making.

However Louis had other ideas. Here, his talents as a mechanic blossomed. As he would soon realize, this would not be his only talent.

oscar dela hoya single

His encounter with an American who brought his car in for repair one day, will represent a turning point in his life. From that moment on, his interest in the New World kept on growing until a faithful day inwhen, at age 22, he decided to conquer the promised land. His passion for automobiles soon guaranteed him a job at the Fiat oscar dela hoya single in Brooklyn, but he had bigger plans.

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In addition to being crafty in front of the wheel, he discovered himself a talent behind the wheel too, and by he established himself as an exceptional race car driver. His persistence as a hard working, diligent driver, won him many National trophies Alongside his professional life, Louis Chevrolet started a family when he married his French bride Suzanne Treyvoux, who soon gave him two children.

By then, other members of his family began oscar dela hoya single join him in New York, one of which was his adored older brother Gaston. He immediately shared his passion of race car driving with him and together they started winning many races.

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Unfortunately, tragedy struck Louis' life when his beloved oscar dela hoya single died during a race. This sudden event marked, for Louis, the end of an incredible run as one of the most gifted race car drivers of his era, as he decided to turn his back for good on the world of racing.

Surprisingly, these early successes are not what Louis Chevrolet is being remembered for, but rather his later achievements in the field of car design. Indeed, soon after his brother's death, Louis decided to return to his first love of car building and by he presented his first self-built automobile, complete with the motor. This was the beginning of a succcessful career as a car-maker and the revelation of yet another gift as a car designer.

In fact, his designs became such a success that in Louis decided, with the help of some friends, to create the "Chevrolet Motor Company of Michigan". But his association to his founding company was short lived and byhe was forced out by his partners over strategic and financial disagreements.

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During this period, he made an important friendship with and Manager of the General Motors Company. This newly created company, that vowed to respect the essence and name of each division, had become the giant that we know today.

In the early 's, Louis Oscar dela hoya single slowed down his pace despite a brief foray back into the car oscar dela hoya single industry when he built the now legendary "Monroe". His health problems eventually pushed him to leave the physically demanding world of car-making for good and between and he led a quiet life, and enjoyed a trip back to his native La Chaux-de- Fonds for the first time in 50 years.

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He died on June 6th in Detroit. He was 62 years old.

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Looking back at his legacy, Louis Chevrolet did not end his life as the wealthy man expected. Instead, he spent his last years with his wife Suzanne in a modest apartment in Florida. He now rests alongside his beloved brother Gaston in Indianapolis, home of his most remarkable racing achievements.

oscar dela hoya single

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