Dating disasters 27 worst dates ever,

dating disasters 27 worst dates ever

dating disasters 27 worst dates ever

Restriction of Multiple External Links -- Wolfgang's Vault Hello, I've been restricted from publishing an external link under the Wiki pages for several musical artists. Upon attempting a few times to add a link to an artist's profile page on Wolfgangsvault. Upon receiving this message which also read that my previously-posted links would be deleted, I was directed to your article on External Links, which thoroughly includes all relevant information regarding the posting of external links and the reason for me being met with dating disasters 27 worst dates ever earlier error message.

Upon reading the external links article, I believe that Wolfgang's Vault artist references are relevant as an addition to the content already on their wiki pages. Wolfgang's Vault holds un-tapped and pertinent history of hundreds of artists and bands, and is commonly used as a resource for their fans. The Vault's collection does include many items which are or sale, such as apparel, posters, photography, etc.

dating disasters 27 worst dates ever

All material and information on Wolfgang's Vault is legally accounted for, and no copyright issues exist amongst what Wiki users would be linked too.

Wolfgang's Vault is another referential tool for music fans and readers who come across an artist's wikipedia page, much the same to how All Music, discogs, or Rolling Stone offers additional information from countless single dorsten pages.

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Given the above characteristics of Wolfgang's Vault, and their relevance to the contents of artists' pages, I believe that these links should be allowed as external links from an artists' wikipedia page.

Registration is required to listen to a concert and they say upfront that you will get spam as a result.

dating disasters 27 worst dates ever

If you could just immediately listen to a concert with no impact, then some of those concert links could be valuable. I didn't register so I have no idea how hard it is to actually listen to a concert.

Dating disasters and how to avoid them

Most often hidden as references in the article body. I'm of the opinion that this site has no business as an external link and is certainly not a reliable source.

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They should be removed. Crawdaddy articles, however, seem to be fairly typical quality for music reviews and the like.

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If anybody here is interested in issues regarding external links feel free to comment on the draft on its talkpage or edit it directly. For a noticeboard to work it needs editors to watch it and participate dating disasters 27 worst dates ever the discussions on it, so I'm posting this around to try to probe if there are enough editors interested in this to get it started.

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We have several good test cases posted on it currently. All input is welcome!

Dating Disasters by Pavitra Raja — Kickstarter

I have noticed quite a few links to Twitter pages being added onto celebrity pages. However, as many people know, there are many "fake celebrity" Twitter accounts out there. Should we allow such external links coming from Twitter, should we require verification, or what?

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I can't imagine any exception to that except in the very, very very rare circumstance where it is the only official online presence of a celebrity.

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